While at the doctor’s recently, people were anxiously waiting for turns with cloudy faces , quiet and tensed .I placed myself in a vacant chair waiting for my turn with my eyes closed , when something stuck my mind and I found myself smiling . When I opened my eyes I saw people starring at me as if I had done a great blunder . I asked , “Did they call my number ? Have I missed my turn ? “They looked at each other and started smiling . 

Upon asking I was told my a college goer that all were staring because I was smiling amidst a tense clinic . Suddenly the clouds began to fade away and I could hear people chatting with fellow patients / attenders. And every time my eyes met with another visitor they smiled back . 
Alike yawning smiling is extremely infectious infecting both the parties. Smile and be a reason for someone else’s smile too. So smile naturally as well as unnaturally to look and feel good ! It’s a vicious circle of happiness 🙂
Good day and keep smiling 🙂


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