Before I tell you more on what happened today morning I have to brief you on the night before this . So we (my husband and I) come back home after travelling in car for close to 700 kms from south of Karnataka and we crash into our beds and pass out . This was about yesterday .
And today morning around 6:30 am , I force myself up to check on my older one (Sparsh) and see if he is ready for school or not . I go to his room still rubbing my eyes and find him dressing up with a smile on his face. 
Before even I apologise for not arranging his bag and taking out his uniform ready the night before , he comforts me saying ” Mummy , why did you get up ? See I am ready ! I did everything on my own , you go and sleep for some more time .” 

I was so relieved , I hugged him and wished him a good day at school , came back to my room with a smiling heart for an extra 15 mins nap . 
We as parents / elders tend to underestimate our own kids . Given a chance whey can organise and conduct themselves in a much better way. We overprotect them and often burden them with instructions not letting them express thoughts . Often when finishing off with home assignments , we tend to answer them even without they thinking on it . Or if they ask a questing we quickly jump into a conclusion , without letting them ponder over it at all . Most of the times they can answer their own questions, however humble it may me . But for this to happen we need to take a step back and let them drive the car called life . And today I get mixed emotions coming into terms with the fact that my little baby is not so little anymore 🙂 
Let the wings fly ! 


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  1. pmahalakshmi says:

    He sure is a sweet sensible child and with the mother’s strength behind him he will reach the stars😊

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  2. Rajiv Narula says:

    There is a verse that says that good apples are only borne on good trees. You and Rajat must have raised your kids right. Looking at his science experiments, his thorough explanations in the videos, and now reading this, you should feel blessed and also tap yourself on the back for raising great children. The world needs more parents like you. Thanks for sharing these gems Nidhi.


    1. We are just guiding them to follow or not to follow is entirely their decision. But yes I am happy he is making the correct choices 🙂


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